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Grâce à l'e85, votre voiture emmettra 50% de Co2 en moins par rapport au carburant Super. Ce n'est pas tout..


En moyenne, une fois votre véhicule équipé, vous économiserez 45€ par plein. En 5 pleins, votre système e85 Performance est remboursé!

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What is an ethanol kit? How does it work?


First of all, you have to know that E85 is a fuel very different from gasoline, to get the same performance, it is necessary to inject more fuel. To obtain the right ratio of air / fuel, a pledge of good combustion (and avoid trouble because of too hot exhaust gases), you have to inject longer. The purpose of the kit is there mainly, and not only to help the cold start in the winter! Our kit will lengthen the injection times so that the combustion is optimal even with 100% E85 in the tank.